I have listed here tools (little helpers) and projects on which I have worked during projects or in my free time.

Ropper - rop gadget finder und binary information tool
You can use ropper for searching ROP and JOP gadgets. Further you can show und edit the headerfields of the binaries. Ropper supports PE, ELF and Mach-O files and x86, x86_64, MIPS, ARM, ARMTHUMB ARM64 and PowerPC.

Scripts for Ida Pro
In some projects I had to reverse engineer several ELF binaries for PowerPC architecture. Because of the register relative access on relocated functions, Ida doesn't give a suitable name to the relocated function stubs. These scripts rename all those functions stubs to get a more readable disassembly.

Code coverage tool to create a minimum set of files
For fuzzing I wrote a little tool which creates a minimum set of files with the best code coverage. It makes use of python and Pin.

A collection of classes to parse and handle executable file formats like ELF, PE, MachO and OAT files written in python.